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Thread: Hi Guys

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a 23yo from London and just started adhering to the primal blueprint last week.

    I only recently discovered Mark's Daily Apple and find all the articles extremely interesting. I received the book last night after work and have almost finished it, a testament no doubt to Mark's very readable style!

    I have to say that this approach to diet & nutrition is a complete revelation. I'd say I'm quite a fit guy already - 5'9 67.5kgs probably around 9% bf - but I have always found eating properly and the right amount an extremely arduous task that required so much will power, combined with a lot of exercise.

    So far, the high fat low carb eating is just awesome. With my old diet/exercise regime, I got used to the feeling of constantly having to battle temptations and also hunger (often breaking once in a while and indulging). Its mind boggling to me that I can eat incredibly tasty, satisfying foods, feeling full and not even wanting to indulge in sugary foods all day, and still come under my daily needs and burn fat?!

    Even though I tend to look at forums every now and then, I have never thought of posting before, but I thought this time it was very much worth it!

    Anyway nice to meet everyone, my name is Nick.

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    Welcome, Nick! I, too, started the PB when I was already quite fit...but belive you me, I'm leaner and stronger now! Another of my favorite benefits of going primal is the complete cessation of those nasty hunger crashes I used to experience. Hope you stick around and post more!

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