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Thread: Slow Transformation

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    Jun 2010
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    Slow Transformation

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    Looking back to where I started in June 2010 - 18 months of progress

    168lbs -23 145lbs

    Chest 41" -2 39"
    Waist 36" -4 32"
    Hips 46" -5 41"
    Bicep 13" -1.5 11.5"

    Size 16 to size 10

    Goal is 130lbs or size 6 .....Hopefully by next December I can post my success story!

    Blood sugar under control, hormones regulating, arthritis nearly gone, amazing energy, cholesterol ratios excellent, the most fit/strong I have ever been.

    I may be a slower transformation, but a transformation none the less!
    Favorite Mark Quote: "I train to play."

    June 2010: 168.6 -size 16
    Current: 155 - size 10/12
    Goal:135 - size 8

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    Congratulations on the progress so far. I love hearing the arthritis pain being alleviated as that is one of the benefits I am hoping for myself.

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    grats to u. i hope the best for u. like u said slow transformation is better than none ^^
    "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt." -- William Shakespeare

    my weight loss story...
    started @400+pounds
    CW: 191lbs 15%BF
    PB: 158lbs 10%BF 33in waist
    UD2(6 weeks): 168lbs 9%BF 31in waist

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