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Thread: How long before there's a Primal/Paleo Retreat-resort? page 2

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    Hello take a look at this Home

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    I'm pretty sure Mark just recently started offering this.
    "The Primal Blueprint Luxury Retreat"

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    I can't think of many concepts that are less "paleo" than going to a resort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karma View Post
    I was reading the tread about the 300 pound 8-year old kid and it got me thinking. If Biggest Loser can spawn a chain of "fitness resorts" why can't the Primal/Paleo community round up some capital and launch a response to the BL camp that actually teaches you to treat your body the way it was intended to be treated? Who's got a spare couple million to invest? I want in on the action, but can't seed the project. Sounds like a great opportunity for someone.....
    There is one held on Norfolk Island called Primal Pledge - Primal Pledge - primal nutrition and fitness retreat — primalpledge. The food is all organic over there as they don't import any fruit or veggies, they only drink rain water and phones don't work over there so it's a proper technology detox too.

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