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    Nothing sounds good

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    Does this happen to anyone else? I think I'm hungry. I think I should be since my last meal was about this time yesterday, but not one thing I can think of sounds good to eat. Not even bacon. I'm on my lunch break and am about out of time and haven't eaten because I can't think of a single thing that makes me want to. Not even any of my old SAD favorites seem appealing to me. Is it possible to be tired of food?
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    You're not hungry. It doesn't matter that you haven't eaten since yesterday. It's not what it "should be" - it is what it is. Not hungry. If it goes on for days - then it's something else.

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    I actually have that fairly regularly. I usually do manage to eat something but it takes a while. For me it tends to be more about not wanting to make something to eat than what I want to eat.

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    If I can determine that it's not an issue with preparation (I don't want to MAKE food), then it usually means I just am not hungry and don't need to eat. Within 4-5 hours, I become ravenous and eat dinner so it's no problem.
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    It happens to me occasionally- but it's been quite a while. I can be absolutely STARVING and nothing will sound palatable... until I finally break and then ANYTHING sounds good, even garbage.

    Not really sure what that's about.

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