Well, I made it! One month primal. Hurrah!

I wasn't sure I'd make it at the beginning - while feeling the effects or carb flu, and desperately craving a packet of crisps or some ice-cream. But I did. And I'm SO glad I stuck it out.

For anyone struggling at staying primal, all I can say is keep trying. If you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up about it... just get right back on it tomorrow... the cravings WILL go away.

I am amazed that I can sit and watch my husband scarf down a cheesecake, eat a plateful of pasta and cheese, or indulge in many of his other food vices, and I am not in the slightest bit envious. I don't crave carbs, and more importantly I don't WANT them. What a turn around from a month ago!!!

Upping my salt intake, increasing fat were the things that helped me through the carb flu. Because of the increased fat, my weight loss has been minimal around my belly and boobs - where I want to loose weight -but I'm not getting too hung up on it. It's my first month after all! I'm just happy to loose the weight slowly, knowing I'm achieving good health and now being a fat burner, instead of a sugar burner. I will work on my correct rations (fat-protein-carbs) for weightloss, during my upcoming months.

The most noticeable things in the change of my body shape are: My face is thinner, my shoulders feel less flabby and more toned, and my forearms have become sleek and muscular (exactly the same as when I was doing a huge amount of boxing at the gym!)

But by far, the biggest changes have been in my energy levels, my mood, and my general feelings of wellbeing. No more dark hours brooding on the hopelessness of life. No more negative feelings. On a spiritual level I feel far happier and lighter than I have in years. It's amazing that I can feel this good. I feel like I'm burning a cleaner energy. I can wake up early in the mornings and get up... no more fatigue and 'can't be bothered'. I've been spending more time in the sun (20-30 mins a day) whereas previously I'd been avoiding it altogether. And, I've been drinking a tonne of water. Again, before I was always dehydrated. these are not changes that I've particularly sought, they have just come naturally... Now that I don't drink soda or fruit juice, even tea or coffee, I just naturally pick up a bottle of water. it's amazing! I never thought I'd give up my fruit juice and diet coke!!! I am finding that I also want to spend less and less time in front of my computer. I often find myself wanting to get up and move, to walk, to be outside in the sun! So many changes!

I haven't been overly active, I must confess. Taking it easy during my first month transisiton was far more important. So, I focused on getting massages and having saunas, using homemade beauty products like hair conditioner and facepacks, to make myself feel good. My second month is going to include a workout routine, including crossfit and walking. I now have the energy and the enthusiasm to do so.

I am loving the primal eating, experimenting with different ingredients, and eating things I'd previously been 'scared of'. Butter, lard, olive oil. GREENS! I rendered my first lard, bought my first chicken feet, discovered a source for fresh coconut milk (no more tins and cartons, or hidden sugars), put EGG SHELLS into BONE broth (seriously would never have considered this over a month ago) and am totally enjoying planning, sourcing and cooking my own food. (Whereas I was so lazy before, and lacking energy, I just ate out all the time.)

So, that's where I'm at.

I'm going to be upping the ante during this next 'second' month in terms of exercise and focussing more on the weight loss.

Onward and upward!