Hi Everyone,
As a fairly recent member of the Primal community I have been spending my time reading and digesting as much information as I can. This is my first post so please be gentle with me.
I've noticed that the shoe companies are not slow in capitalising on the upsurge of interest in barefoot running. Even the less popular companies are marketing and selling what is supposed to be a minimalist shoe for astranomical prices. I find this quite obscene, but not surprising.I personally use a couple of pairs of pumps ( sneakers ) for my walks and treadmill runs ( which are short in duration ).The cheapest pair only cost me £4! My outside walks sometimes break into trots/ jogs on occasion even though they are mainly on concrete.
My questions are; does anyone see a problem with my use of such footwear? They fit the barefoot criteria, no heel drop, minimalist and very flexible. Also, what are other people's opinions on what I feel is an inflated pricing policy for what is supposed to be an attempt at being the closest thing to wearing no shoes at all?
Thank you in advance for your input.