Hello All,
I started out the holiday strong. I ran a 5k at 11:30pm on Wednesday night along with my normal workout that day. Then I fasted until Thanksgiving dinner at 3:00pm on Thursday. I started with a huge plate of salad and once that was down I was only able to eat one smallish plate of food which was probably 50% Primal. We then went on a nice walk afterwards.

Starting on Friday thru Sunday I pretty much fell of the bandwagon and ate whatever I wanted. I still walked, did push ups, etc.. but ate just about whatever I wanted (stuffing, pie, etc)

The result Monday morning is the scale was the same but I had heartburn both Saturday and Sunday night and I was gassy like a dying dog all weekend.

Today I am back strictly Primal and currently fasting until Dinner. Going to the gym at lunch time. Looking forward to feeling better and getting my gut back to normal.

I consider this a success because I ate everything I even halfway have missed for the past 10 months and as a result felt like crap. To me this strongly demonstrates that the Primal diet (and I mean diet as type of foods) really is how we were meant to eat.

Maybe I will just pretend it was a 72 hour carb refeed and move on from there :-)