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Thread: 2 Sistas go Primal - AUS vs. USA

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    2 Sistas go Primal - AUS vs. USA (Journal)

    This is the Primal Blueprint Journal of two sisters living in opposite parts of the globe (Australia, and The USA), about to embark on the 21 day challenge.

    My sister, Sourcat, emailed me yesterday to ask if I'd be interested in trying out the 21 day challenge with her. I'd heard a little about the Primal diet a few months ago when a friend of mine tried it so I jumped on board.

    I am known on here as Sketcha, currently living in Chicago, USA and already prefer a low lactose and gluten-free diet so this doesn't intimidate me (too much). Winter is officially still a few weeks away but today we are just getting our first miserable drizzle of simultaneous rain & snow. Soon we will be drenched by treacherous ice storms, then hopefully by Christmas some beautiful white snow. Fresh fruit is going to be expensive, except apples perhaps. I know the best avocados around here are from Mexico. Most of the non-meat items I eat are probably going to be frozen. I suspect I will be complaining about this frequently in my journal.

    Sourcat is living in Melbourne, Australia. It seems they are currently experiencing typical late Spring weather, maybe slightly warmer than usual. It is almost Summer time, and I am extremely jealous.
    Not only will there be a variety of fresh summer fruit & veg, Melbourne is on the coast, so there should be a vast array of fresh seafood.

    I cannot officially start until next week, since I don't have the book yet, but I think Sourcat is starting today.

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