I recently finished reading this article on blue light at night affecting circadian rhythms:

How Light Affects Our Sleep | Mark's Daily Apple

.. and I have a question: I just recently started using this Himalayan salt lamp in the evenings when I am working on my PC:

Amazon.com: Round Basket Lamp filled with Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Chunks

Essentially, it is a wire basket with a light bulb in the center and than a lot of large pink salt rocks from Pakistan surrounding it.

It feels quite "primal" having it next to me -- when it is on it looks like the orange coals of a campfire. Dos anybody think there is much benefit in this? I was thinking of possibly getting a couple more.

Also, as I can't avoid working on the computer in the evenings, are there anythings I can do to improve my situation short of distorting the colors on the screen with F.Lux or orange tinted glasses? Would there be a particular desktop background/color scheme that would be more beneficial for example?