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Thread: xxHuggieBearxx gives up french fries

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    Proving Primal.

    Ok just a wee journal to track my attempt to follow the primal way of living. We shall see if 1) I can follow it successfully and 2) if I actually lose some weight.

    First, some quick stats about me:

    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 194 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 27.1

    Currently, I am technically overwieight and have been for about, oh, three years. I need to lose exactly 15 pounds to pierce the technical "standard weight" threshold at 179 pounds. But, I know my real appropriate weight is more like 160-165 pounds, so I am probably hustling around a full extra 30 pounds of fat.

    Here's the thing - I have tried pretty much everything over the last three years to lose the weight with very little success. I am down about 10 pounds from my all time high through basic calorie counting using an online food diary, but it's just not getting the job done (actually, I'm not getting the job done). I was also an executive at one of the leading commercial weightloss companies and had discounted access to their weightloss solution, on which I also failed and didn't lose more than 10 pounds.

    I will define success on this diet as reaching that 179 pound mark by end of January 2012. That gives a little over two months which should be more than enough time

    While my current situation isn't bad by most peoples standards, I know I am sliding inexorably toward a fat and miserable later life. At this rate, by the time I am 50, I will be fighting technical obesity rather than just being technically overweight, and I will be suffering the attendant health problems.

    So, let's hope this marks the beginning of a life long journey that will lead to a fuller, healthier life not filled with "stuffed" regret.

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