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Thread: xxHuggieBearxx gives up french fries

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    Congrats on your great success. I think people who just accept the primal way and roll with it the best they can are sometimes the most successful. I think your somewhat relaxed approach means you really can eat this way forever

    I am about 1.5 years in to primal eating, and I maintain well below my original goal weight, just by happily eating delicious primal food whenever I am hungry. Hard to imagine giving that up!

    Hope to see more updates from you. Good luck!!

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    I always mix up the names of the rolls... I had maki, technically. It was tasty. I didn't use any soy sauce so unless there was some in the making of the maki I got, it was just a bit more carb heavy (from the rice) than usual. Better option than pizza anyway!
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    Let me start by saying - I believe my life to be permanently changed, forever.

    This is my end of January update. During these months I have lived well - i drink mucho wine, because i love it, i eat till fullness. I indulge in a small bit of dark chocolate most nights. I have had more cheat nights than i care to count, mostly all involving pizza.

    I have indulged, and I have lived well.

    On the other hand, I frequently skip breakfast now, or just have a boiled egg. Most days i eat only primal and mostly just meat. But, I am always satisfied and I do not feel like I am dieting. And I rarely feel unpleasantly full. But always satiated.

    But with all that said, here is where I stand:

    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 182 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 27.1
    Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds (took 1 year with painful effort)
    Primal Weigh Loss: 12 pounds (took 2 months with little effort)

    I had targeted 180 as my goal for end of January, and I missed by a bit. But I indulged tremendously during january, and yet still made progress toward my goal.

    My new goals are as follows:

    By end of February, I hope to hit 178 pounds.

    My ultimate weight loss goal is around 173....and I give myself to end of april to hit that. Once achieved, i will turn my entire focus toward physical fitness in combo with primal eating. I think my long term appropriate weight is probably 160-165, but I wont worry about it once i hit the mid-70s. I'll just try to be more active.


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    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 179 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 25
    Total Weight Loss: 28 pounds
    Primal Weigh Loss: 15 pounds

    Well, I have continued to be "primal" over these last couple of months, but have put little focus on "weight loss." I have continued to eat filling portions, fatty meats, etc. I cheat about twice a week, and I drink more wine than i probably should.

    But, nevertheless, yesterday I weight in at 179 which is a major milestone for me. First of all, tomorrow i turn 39, and I have not seen a 170s number on the scale since i was at least 29. I have been trying to lose weight for nearly a decade with nearly no success, and now i am doing it nearly effortlessly.

    179 is important because it marks my reentry into the world of "normal weight", from a BMI perspective. I think my long term (very long term goal) is to average around 170. I have a feeling I may continue to lose a half pound per month or so until I hit my "should be" weight.

    In any case, there is little chance that I will ever revert to a diet other than primal. When I do have a non-primal meal, the aftereffects are horrific. The feeling of being stuffed to the gills post-pizza is horrendous (although i do love pizza) and the feeling of getting hungry again WHILE YOUR STOMACH IS STILL FULL is just as bad.

    Keep chuggin folks...more updates in a month or so!

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    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 178 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 24
    Total Weight Loss: 29 pounds
    Primal Weigh Loss: 16 pounds

    Still going strong on primal after six months. I've now lost almost 30 pounds total and am firmly (well, by a hair actually) back in the "Normal Weight" BMI category.

    I am losing about a pound per month at this point, which isn't bad since I don't at all feel like I'm dieting. I believe my target weight should be 165 pounds or i've got 10 - 15 pounds to go. If it takes me a year to lose that weight at the rate of one pound per month, i'm ok with that.

    An interesting side note -- i began running again recently and i am quite meticulous about tracking heart rate and running speed. I found that my performance was off by 10%+, a quite noticeable and very concerning elevation in my heart rate. And this is versus my previous 20-pound heavier self. I was expecting a 10% performance INCREASE but was seeing the opposite.

    Initially, I was concerned that I was dying. But, it turns out that being so low-carb was dramatically impacting my performance in a negative way. I found that when I ate a "carb" meal the night before my performance was better than ever.

    Really interesting, because I only run about 3 miles. Anyway, I am going to start drinking OJ before my run...not primal, but the effects on my running are too serious to ignore.


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    Age: 39
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 173 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 23
    Total Weight Loss: 34 pounds
    Primal Weigh Loss: 21 pounds

    So, its been a while. I've been going strong in the primal way of life for more than a year now, and it truly is a lifestyle and not something i consider a diet. During the last 6 months i've lost another 5 pounds or so, and i don't really consider myself to be "trying to lose weight." I eat heartily, i drink plenty of red wine, and i even have more ice cream than i should.

    Nevertheless, I have gone from a person teetering on the edge of Obesity to one who is now normal weight and getting on the edge of "svelte". Two years ago I had tried a bunch of different diets, made almost no progress, and was worried that i was on an unstoppable path toward typical american fatness. Now, I unquestionably believe I will live this lifestyle for the rest of my life, and will keep a moderate body weight the rest of my life, all with giving it little sacrifice.

    Two months from turning 40, and i think its quite feasible i will break back into the 160's, which is where i was in my mid-20s and is about my lowest adult bodyweight. But, i'm not pushing to hit that number on any timeframe...i'll either lose weight, or i won't. My current weight could clearly be lower but I am content at this level should my current lifestyle not foster further losses...I am not interested in actually dieting to push my weight down below the current level.


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    Angry Let's just title this response "I ABSOLUTELY SUCK"

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    Back in the spring I was killing for a half marathon and hitting low weights I hadn't seen since my 20's.

    I began carbing up for my half marathon (which was totally unnecessary by the way), and pretty much kept carbing after the race was done. About 4 days after the race my wife had our 3rd baby, and I have been in sleep deprivation mode since then.

    Sleep deprivation means:

    - no motivation
    - no exercise
    - less time to prepare healthy meals (and more ordering in!)

    The results have been devastating. I weighed in last Monday with the following stats:

    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 190 Pounds
    Height: 5'11"
    BMI: 26.5
    Total Weight Gain from Trough: 17 pounds

    Back to within about 5 pounds of when I started primal in the first place. The most shocking thing was how quickly i gained 15 pounds, and I really haven't been eating THAT bad and still somewhat primal most of the time. I think going from 20+ miles run per week to zero may have been the bigger catalyst.

    Anywhoo, last Monday I started a primal three week hard core challenge, and we shall start this whole thing over again. Having done this with ease before, I have a high level of confidence that I can be back into a healthy weight range by the end of the three week period (healthy = 179 or less).

    Let this be a lesson to you people -- don't have babies.


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