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Thread: Coconut milk........

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    Is it available fresh or just in tins? Happy thursday by the way everyone

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    Unless you live where coconuts are grown (and processed) I doubt you'll find it fresh for sale.

    But you can make your own: buy a coconut, grate the flesh, mix with some water, place in a muslin cloth then s-q-u-e-e-z-e! Voila, fresh coconut milk! )

    ETA: And a happy Thursday to you too!

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    Not many palm trees in London unfortunately! lol. Tinned it is then!

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    If you let the tin sit in your pantry for just a bit and don't shake it around too much when you move it to the counter to open it, you can scoop off the delicious coconut cream off the top. Delicious on berries!

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