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Thread: Muscle glycogen storage for time trials

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    Hi ra18,

    Losing your sprint capacity is not caused by a lack of muscle glycogen. Sprinting is pure ATP.

    A shortage in muscle glycogen would manifest itself by losing power after 45 - 90 minutes of cycling below anaerobic treshhold.

    Getting a fallback in power AND endurance is probably something else. Are you getting enough calories?

    I added some carbohydrates to my diet (roots, tubers, but NO cereals). That seems to do a lot for me. Especially the day before competition.

    I also had some very bad training days after going primal (week 2/3). Heart rate was messed up, no power, etc. But now I have super power on the bike.

    Do not give up, but give your body time to adjust. But make sure you get enough calories!

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    Thanks mudbeard, I'm very encouraged by your reply.

    Looking at my calories, they have been a bit low. So I'll make sure I get enough from now on

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    Good luck!

    Let me know if the problem was the low calorie intake...

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    Let me emphasize that I am not completely on the low part of low carb! I am not trying to lose weight, I just want to be faster on my bike during time trials.

    I do add some carbs - I guess more than other primal eaters - but nothing like grains and legumes. Not even sprouted grains anymore. All my carbs come from tubers and roots and some fruits now. I also have some dairy, but only yoghurt, kefir etc. No milk.

    Make sure you are not eating too little!

    Nice to read:

    Primal Potatoes #1

    Primal Potatoes #2

    Primal Potatoes #3

    Primal Potatoes a Contrary View

    Primal Potatoes - reply to contrary view

    More sources on this would be welcome!

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    @mudbeard - fascinating set of articles. Thanks for sharing.

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    You should consider getting the Paleo Diet for Athletes - it gives some good guidance in this area.

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    Not too long ago some blog (I forgot which one) pointed out 7 youtube movies of a talk from Doug McGuff.

    The first one is here, after viewing you can go to the next one:

    Espescially interesting in the context of this thread is the part about glycogen storage and why not to keep it high at all times. Just fill it up before the race (not the training).

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