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    Warrior Diet..good or bad?

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    I was talking about the primal blueprint with a person and they sai it sort of sounds like the warrior diet. The warrior diet is basically when a person eats ONE meal a day and it is at night or in the evening. During the day the person grazes only. Nuts, berries or other fruits but in small amounts. Is this a good approach? It sort of sounds like the caveman diet found on
    It says the same large meal a day and at night.

    Is this is a good diet similar to the primal bluepring?

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    My understanding of the warrior style diet is that there are no restrictions on what type of food you can eat in your one meal. Some people around here do a warrior style primal diet. Which is one large meal per day within the guidelines of primal eating - no grains, seed oils, high fructose syrup, or highly processed food. Mainly fats, meats, veggies, fruits, and some nuts.

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    The food intake is similar, I'd even venture to say that they encourage consuming a paleo diet.... except in one meal a day.

    The premise of the warrior diet is that you drink a large glass of water upon waking, graze during the day if you need it, and gorge in the evening as your one meal.

    Personally, I don't feel this would be beneficial for anyone in a transitional phase because the cravings are going to be WICKED. I had a haaaard time transitioning to two meals (breakfast / dinner) a day, and that was after having already converted to paleo eating.

    However, if you've advanced past the stages of cravings: the more time you spend in fasting mode, the more time your body has to heal/repair...

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    I'll bet the "grazing" is not benefitting very many people. The more I read, the more convinced I am that snacking is terrible. It's way too easy to sabotage your efforts there. Eat meals, no more than three per day. I don't know if I would want to drop to one meal a day- it would require stuffing myself beyond full, and I don't think that's particularly healthy either.

    Or perhaps that is how they achieve calorie restriction- the physical limit of what you can eat in one sitting. That just returns to my earlier point about snacking, and raney's point about cravings.

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    It's awesome if you have a low to moderate activity level. Plus, it's not something you have to do every day, you can do it once a week when it fits your schedule. I tried it a couple of times, it works well to improve body composition and focus during the day. The only thing is you have to have a very specific schedule for it to work. If you only can eat late, you're too stuffed to go to sleep. If you need to train late, you'll be starving too much.

    Don't bother to read the book though, it seems the author stumbled on something that works (intermittent fasting) and tried to justify it as best he could, but it's mostly very poor science. Leangains has probably better info on the subject.

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    I think it is best if you are a warrior!!!

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    I believe the Primal Blueprint is a good approach, and Intermittent Fasting is a good approach. Warrior Diet as you have explained it can be Paleo/IF - and it can be completely different. I'd certainly forbid grazing - you can graze enormous amounts of food when you deprive yourself of meals. Also, if you graze carbs every hour or so you can seriously negate the insulin benefits of fasting. Apart from that it currently seems to me that the 16h fast / 8h eat approach of LeanGains is pretty optimal, but one-meal-a-day should also work in this context.

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    Eating a meal 3 times a day is still recommended. When you are in a diet, just eat fruits. I guess there's nothing wrong with warrior diet as long as you know exactly what you are doing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth123 View Post
    Eating a meal 3 times a day is still recommended. When you are in a diet, just eat fruits. I guess there's nothing wrong with warrior diet as long as you know exactly what you are doing!

    Wait, what?
    People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.

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    I'm still in the fine tuning stage here~ I do best without breakfast~ lunch is an iffy thing~ but dinner, well it's meat, veggies and/or salad, and even a bit of dessert once in awhile~ I guess it's sort of Fast-5, sort of IF, sort of low carb (can't eat grains or dried legumes) and it's what worked best when I was 20, and I'm finding it works best for me now~ maybe it's about discovering your own unique biology???

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