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Thread: cocnut creamer .. no fat??

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    cocnut creamer .. no fat??

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    ok trying to cut back on dairy to speed weight loss. so I got coconut creamer for my coffee at whole foods and it says no fat or saturated fat .. I dont get it .. Im not sure I am going to like it .. Im used to whole cream in my coffee . and I have a can of coconut milk and it has the fat , so should I just use that? HELP PLEASE

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    the coconut creamers for coffee (like so delicious/silk brands) are just a carton of sugar and chemicals. IMO, have the full fat dairy (1 or 2T heavy cream isn't going to hinder your progress, imo. Several glasses of milk, cheese, yogurt, etc every day will. See the difference?)

    you can score some coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions & mix that into your brew. It's straight fat & oil, and is great in hot drinks!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    +1 for Dr. Bork Bork. The coconut creamers are just packed with chemicals and sugar. I've been stocking shelves in a WF dairy department for a couple of months and have been reading labels.

    Use real coconut oil from the oil section or coconut milk from the international section. As far as non-dairy foods go, stay out of the dairy department (except for some of the juices and a couple of the probiotics).

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