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Thread: What types of blood work did you have?

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    Hey All,

    It's that yearly time to visit the doc... and this time I'm going for more comprehensive blood testing.

    To name a few- hormonal balance, vitamin D levels, thyroid, lipid, etc.

    Out of curiosity...what kinds of tests did you guys take or would recommend?

    It'd be interesting to see what we can learn from one another in this area and see what others have learned about their bodies.


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    as i posted a bit ago, i just had my vitamin d levels done, and i have a 198. but i have no idea if that means i should tone down my supplementing or not. the doctor thinks so of course, but she also thinks i shouldn't exercise at all during my first trimester.

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    I just got some tests run today on fasting glucose, albumin, "metabolic panel" I believe, and cholesterol. At the promptings of family members I saw my doctor for a nutritional consultation. To my surprise, he was very accepting of the PB principles and thought that I was doing a very good job with my diet, but because of familial history with high cholesterol/cardiovascular problems, he thought it would be good to get some tests done.

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    All sounds in line with what I had in mind. Glad your dr was accepting of the PB and I hope your tests come out great.

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