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Thread: 7 months of awesome, 1 month of epic fail.

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    7 months of awesome, 1 month of epic fail.

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    I'm new but I've been lurking for awhile. I know "help I've binged and can't get up" threads aren't exactly uncommon, but I could really use some extra advice, specifically on recovery. I'm debating just quitting food altogether for three or four days and eating vitamins and BCAA's. Just straight-up getting back on the wagon has not been happening.

    Long story: It all started near the end of October when some emissary of Satan gave me a donut, which I retardedly ate, which lead to me feeling like I could eat handfuls of Halloween candy every evening, which lead to eating wheat, which lead to four weeks later and on/off primal culminating in a pumpkin roll + poptarts + 4 smirnoff ice Thanksgiving disaster.

    I am ten or more pounds heavier, I've been too scared to weigh myself. I jiggle where I've never jiggled before. The jiggling parts actually HURT WHEN I RUN. So I don't feel like exercising anymore. I feel too obese to play my usual sports. I keep telling myself it's just water weight, but I deeply suspect it's genuine lard. This is devastating, since before this month I was starting to see all my abs and had defined thigh muscles. Now there's a visible spare tire.

    Help me fix me?

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    Be better than you were yesterday.

    Don't get on a scale.

    Run, even if you jiggle

    Set a reasonable goal for 1 month out.

    Really, what else can you do besides start over? I assume you had to "start" your string of 7 successful months, right? Just do it again. And throw away the pop tarts and left over candy and other assorted things that are too tempting to have around right now

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    Everything looks like a failure in the middle. You can't bake a cake without getting the kitchen messy. Halfway through surgery it looks like there's been a murder in the operating room. If you send a rocket toward the moon, about ninety percent of the time it's off course it "fails" its way to the moon by continually making mistakes and correcting them.
    Now get back to your diet and start working out.

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    Try not to over-think it. Two things: First, just make your next meal be 100% perfectly primal. Second, go to the store and buy plenty of protein, fat, and veggies.

    After you eat your great primal meal, commit to making the next one primal as well. Don't worry about carbs, ratios, amounts, etc. Just primal food.

    I've been having a bit of a candy problem myself lately - I think started with Halloween. But I'm not panicked - primal always wins out in the end

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    If you are finding it really hard to get back on the wagon, maybe try The Whole 30 Program. The Whole30, Version 4.0 | Whole9 | Let us change your life.
    Basically it's a no cheating, no dairy version of primal. I'm starting today up until Christmas. I have already realized today how easy it is to eat things without thinking and for me, that quickly leads to veering off course.

    Whatever you choose to do, just do it and everything will get better.

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    it was either obama, or vince lombardi, or art devany that once said,

    "there is no failure, only feedback"

    i put those words in my heart many months ago and look at me now

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    Press the reset button and enjoy starting the Primal way of life all over agin. You know it works and so do we! Good luck !!

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