The plot of the upcoming blockbuster (there’s no doubt at its sensational success) is focused on a worldwide terrorist activity aiming at unleashing a nuclear war and destroying the whole world. After the first terrorist assault of the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow the government of the United States activates “Ghost Protocol” and makes a decision to stop the support of the Impossible Mission Force. The entire crew of the Force including Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) are accused of the attack, but still have a chance to punish the militants – because it is just part of a plan to make it possible for the agency to work abroad. However, Hunt is warned that if at least one member of his team will get caught, they all will be to blame for the attempt to launch the nuclear war. Moreover, Hunt is coerced to work together with an ex-agent of the same agency Brandt who will turn out to know about Hunt much more than he himself knows.