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    It seems to me you're not getting enough fat and possibly protein as well. Also, sweeteners are as bad as sugar when it comes to the physiological response - they will make you crave sweet things. Not to mention the whole controversy on how they may be damaging to health...

    I've stopped eating any sugar or substitute, and my sweet tooth has disappeared. I still occasionally eat a small handful of berries (but with some nuts or coconut milk to lower the GI impact) because I think they're healthy (antioxidants). Other 'dessert' for me is just raw nuts, coconut cream (both taste really sweet now) and a few coffee beans in dark chocolate (the box says a serving is 50 pieces; I eat 3-4).

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    Brushing your teeth will definitely help. I'd also echo not consuming sweeteners - I know that when I do (Diet Coke or whatever), I get some mad evening sugar cravings.

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    Binge on protein/fat, and make it nutrient dense stuff.

    Protein is a natural appetite suppressant - I binge on nuts - especially brazils or macademia. Chicken drumsticks, and eggs are fair game. Cheese and celery is a great combo. Nothing sweet if you can possibly avoid it, but bitter chocolate (>85% cacao) is great with the brazils.... just 4 brazils + one square of chocolate usually does the trick. IF you're fasting, peppermint tea is amazing for quelling the urge.

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    As others have said you are not eating enough during the day. There are 5'2 women on this forum who eat all that for breakfast haha!

    Bring a cold chicken leg with the skin to eat with your BAS. That will do the trick. I try and keep cooked chicken thighs in the fridge for "snacks" while dinner is cooking.

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    I find junk food very tempting if I'm working late at night, not tempting at all during the day. All my lapses happen well after dinner.

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    If you eat dairy, a sweet, but high protein and filling food is 1/2 cup full fat cottage cheese with 1/4 cup berries. Feels almost like dessert! I sprinkle a tiny bit of stevia on it, but it probably doesn't even need that.

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    Bacon, diluted coconut milk with a little vanilla extract, or a small square of very dark chocoloate usually do the trick for me. I skip breakfast about 50% of the time, but I do need a solid lunch with lots of protein and fat. If I get that, I can usually avoid the evening munchies.

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    I usually fast during the day (skip BF and lunch), workout, then eat one dinner in the evening of fat and protein (and few veggies). If I eat during the day (especially carbs), I find that I just get hungrier at night.

    Evening munchies can also add calories, so if you're looking to lose, watch out for triggers (eg nuts) which can be easy to overeat unless you have the self control. Often with the same amount of nut calories, I find it more satisfying to have some protein & fat (bacon, chicken drumstick).

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    Two possible solutions:

    #1 Change your habits. For example, I used to walk out of my home office and plop into my easy chair for 3-4 hours of TV watching . . . plus eating. I did two things to change that. a) I set my alarm clock to 6 am and got up to either walk or row every morning. b) Once I left my office I walked into the bed room, got dressed in sweats, got in the car and went to the gym. Weekends were rough and I invented things to do outside the house. For me, learning golf was the answer. Shooting pool, bowling or bike riding also work. It was a TOTAL, DRASTIC, change of routine. If you can do it given your circumstances, that will work wonders.

    #2 Until you lose all the weight/fat you want, go as close to zero carb as possible . . . and stay there for a while. When I switched to low carb eating I went through a process of On Again/Off Again like many do. I finally noticed that when I was On Again my appetite and cravings disappeared and if I was On long enough, I had to remind myself to eat.

    That observation is what changed my "sub-conscious" . . . "inner self" . . . whatever that thing is in our heads that makes us what we are at any point in time.

    For me, Week 1 on low carb included hunger, feeling of being 'empty" and feelings of deprivation close to anxiety. I dealt with it by eating greater quantities of low carb stuff to include dairy and nuts.

    Week 2 was much easier and by Week 3 my body had switched so that cravings disappeared. By Week 4, I was forgetting to eat.

    So I would suggest a VERY LOW or NO carb approach for you.

    I love Primal but it may be that for some people (I know I'm one) 50 grams of carbs is too much at the beginning.

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