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Thread: Ditching dairy

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    K2 is found in animal fats (especially eggs, organs and dairy, but also ordinary fat) and in fermented soy/vegetables. There is also minimal or no conversion of K1 to K2

    Unfortunately, precise values for some foods that are likely to be high in K2 (such as organ meats) are not available at this time. The pancreas and salivary glands would be richest; reproductive organs, brains, cartilage and possibly kidneys would also be very rich; finally, bone would be richer than muscle meat. Fish eggs are also likely to be rich in K2.

    It was once erroneously believed that intestinal bacteria are a major contributor to vitamin K status. However, the majority of evidence contradicts this view. Most of the vitamin K2 produced in the intestine are embedded within bacterial membranes and not available for absorption. Thus, intestinal production of K2 likely makes only a small contribution to vitamin K status

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    i like kidneys and could eat them several times a week. i eat eggs alot too. pretty big on roe if i can get it. bone broth then would be a rich sauce too. & maybe sweetbreads? roa i have some wild pork i was gonna marinade and then cook in a casserole dish in its own juices. should be yummy.

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