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    Bone broth fast

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    Anyone ever done a bone broth fast? Good/bad idea for digestive repair?


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    DO EET! Excellent for digestive repair. Highly recommend.

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    How long are you talking?

    After I ended up in the hospital for intestinal drama, I didn't really eat anything but regular beef broth and a little bit of rice for a couple of days and I did pretty well. I'm not sure if bone broth would be different/better.
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    Not sure how long I'll try it. Being primal hasn't been enough to eliminate issues, so I'm thinking of doing the GAPS diet. I wonder if starting that diet off with a broth fast, maybe for a few days, would be the best approach. Mostly wondering if there are any precautions, issues to be aware of. Intuitively it makes sense to me that this would be about the healthiest approach one could possibly take. I'm yet to find a single negative comment about GAPS. Seems like everyone who has done it and stayed with it has done well.

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    I am currently in Day 4 of Bone Broth Fast.
    Intestinal issues are waning & pain levels are way down.
    Will report back with changes as they happen.

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    I'd like to know where to find quality bones. I found some bison bones refridgerated at the pet store, but I want organic ones. I can't seem to find any around here :(

    They are selling whole chickens at the health food store. If I cooked up one of those and then removed the bones, would it be enough to make a few batches?

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    ooh... I'd like to see how this goes for you. I've heard good things about GAPS too.

    I belieive you can ask at the supermarket or butcher about getting organic grass fed beef bones... they should have them there!

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    how long do you boil the bones for? what do you add to the water(carrots? celery? salt? vinegar?)? how long do you boil for?
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