I'm notoriously terrible for cheeky cheating when it comes to improving my health and fitness. I look around and think "who's going to know" This is my attempt to make sure someone knows so I think twice before taking an easy way out...

I have been moving toward a more primal way of life after an urge to get more holistic in my health, fitness, emotional and pyschological wellbeing...a massive ambition but I'm hoping the 'divide and conquer' tactic will work out for me (..I think I read that somewhere on this site)


Weight - I honestly haven't weighed myself in about 6 months (last time I checked it was 63kg - sorry, I'm Australian and don't know the conversion)

Height - Not tall enough to weigh 63kg!!

It's only 11am but so far I have consumed 2 whole eggs fried in dairy free butter with a small serve of smoked salmon. A handful of raw walnuts while typing this.

So...I guess I need to press send so I'm offically commited!