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Thread: Is chorizo primal?

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    There are two kinds of chorizo: the Spanish kind, which is a cured ready-to-eat dry sausage, and the Mexican kind, which is a seasoned raw ground pork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnybuddah View Post
    I'm new here, but is this recipie okay for the primal?

    Tupperware Mexican chorizo recipe - Channel4 - 4Food

    Looks pretty good, cost effective and seems to store okay which handy.............
    That looks delicious. Just don't do as they say about cooking it in repeseed oil (aka canola) or olive oil. Cook it in animal fat like butter or lard or tallow.

    Canola oil is just gross. The extraction of the oil from the seeds involves solvents (eww). Olive oil is good for cold uses such as salads but has a low smoke point so animal fat would be better for frying this chorizo.

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    Olive oil is good for sauteeing. I love this recipe by the genius that is Nigel Slater:

    Nigel Slater's midweek dinner: chorizo burgers

    Just omit the buns. Slater is great in that he doesn't pander to the fat is bad camp, but he's not primal or anything.

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    Guys, thanks very much for the speedy response, its going to be fun in the kitchen again!
    I'll probably make it this week at some point so will let you know... I like the idea that it stays in the fridge for up to 14 days and you can just take out what you need to use, and will probably cook quite quickly.

    Thought I'd throw this one out here by the same chef, (just replace the bread with extra walnuts)

    Beetroot and walnut hummus recipe - Channel4 - 4Food

    Gotta be honest, I'd never tried beets until last year, (44yrs old!!) until a neighbours father grew them and didn't know what to do with them, I stumbled upon this and fell in love with it...... great as a raw veg dip.
    (ha, I was a bit worried when I went for a pee the next morning, until I remembered I'd eated quite a lot of beets the night before.

    Havent seen much of N Slaters recipies, but will search them out, thanks for that

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