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Thread: Any other solutions before going to Fiber Cereals??

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    Did you mean mineral oil FairyRae?

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    I know that folks here dismiss fiber, but I've had problems with constipation all my life, and this low residual diet makes it worse. Fat and veggies aren't enough. I've been taking 1T psyllium powder twice a day (every other day), and that has helped more than magnesium or any of the other cures I've tried.

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    4 oz of coconut milk every day does it for me (relieves constipation, that is). Also I have flax meal every morning in eggs or some kind of low carb pancake. Lots of fluids, too.

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    Why not fast to clear out some bad toxins you might have? Try a 3 day apple fast to clear you out. The pectin in apples will clean you out pretty good and your body can take a break from digesting a lot of food. Personally I take these and they work great. I don't have digestive problems, but it definitely works for those days when I do have some issues with some foods. My mom has bad stomach problems and she was put on medication to take some expensive enzymes. I switched her onto the ones I was taking and she said it worked way better, so I know they work. I don't believe you need to have a ton of fiber in your diet, I mean just look at the fiber content of fruits and veggies. You'd have to eat a pretty massive amount of them per day just to meet the "minimum" required. None the less, always get your fiber from veggies and fruits, your body knows how to use it better over supplements.

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    Well, one thing I learned while reading some of the threads on this forum is that everyone is different and that no one body is the same.

    For some people digestive enzymes do the trick, for others it's more fat, or less fat, or upping the veggies, etc. Or it could be totally unrelated to food (ok not totally) and be more so related to stress!

    It's been really wonderful to hear what works for everyone and I've gotten a lot of good tips. For example, jky, you mentioned coconut milk helps you with constipation, but I drink that everyday and I sill have a few digestive issues. However, someone else may read your post and appreciate it later on when they realize maybe it was that coconut milk they needed.

    Basically, I just want to say thank you for everyone's responses. It's been good hearing what works (or doesn't) for everyone.

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    Have you tried some hcl tabs? They help digestion of protein if you're eating a lot of it. I took hcl with my meals for a while and now I digest food better than ever. Also, I take a cal/mag/zinc supplement which seems to help as well.

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    jkilbane - I just switched from digestive enzymes to hcl and have noticed a little difference, in a good way, and am hoping this will really help. Thank you!

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    good ol fashioned water is the best remedy for constipation.

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