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Thread: Beach games for kids

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    you know, when i was a kid i didn't need someone to give me 'game ideas'

    everything is a game. throw a ball out there and that's it.

    is it really like this? are you kidding me?

    beach games for kids, what a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaweed View Post
    we live by the beach. i have 2 kids and a dog i cant always walk during school hours so I was wondering if anyone could suggest any beach games we could do. there aren't enough of us to play any type of team game. unless the dog can be a member of the team which would give us 2 a side. we can just do sprints but I figured if we made a game of it, it would be more fun. i would also rather use a natural material like a ball of kelp or a piece of driftwood as the ball than carry a big ball around. the beach is usually deserted as well so we don't have to worry about crashing into anyone when we run around.
    Hi there,

    Consider the following list of beach games for kids.
    1) Fill a Bucket Relay Race
    2) Water Balloon Toss
    3) Beach Volleyball
    4) SandToss SandToss Beach Game | New Sand Dust and Art Games | SandBiz Games (Paid game, 1 time)
    5) SandHole SandHole Beach Game | Easy to Carry Beach Games for Teenagers | SandBiz Games (Paid game, 1 time)
    6) Sandcastle Sculpting
    7) Collecting Seashells and Pebbles
    8) Kite Flying
    9) Limbo

    and a one that "elliottsmith" recommend above

    - Sarah

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