Hey all!

Just wanted to share some little improvements I've noticed since striving to be primal these past couple of weeks

A weird symptom i've been experiencing has gotten a lot better: this past year or so, my eyes have been super sensitive to the sun. I'm talking like eyes watering if I'm not wearing sunglasses! I misplaced my sunglasses last week, and have found i don't even need them! I can look at the sky and not feel a great stinging in my eyes! It's great because it was so annoying, and if I forgot my sunglasses, I was screwed.

Also, my lips have been very dry and pale, no matter how much water I drank. Lately I've noticed they're nice and plump and colorful!!! Especially during winter, my lips would get so chapped!

And! Every morning for the past year, i would wake up and be nauseous. Everything I ate gave me heartburn or terrible bloating! And lately, i wake up and I'm super! I eat breakfast and i feel energized!! I used to throw up sooo much from feeling sick every morning, and now I don't!

And even more! The urge to bite my nails is diminishing!! And I'm like seriously addicted to biting my nails, it brings me so much pleasure lol! But they're growing and I'm not itching to bite them!!

I'm so happy!! It's so great to finally FEEL GOOD! naw mean???