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    I'm starting to notice smells as well, I was recently at a restaurant where they brought me a starter salad with little fancy bottles - one with oil and the other with vinegar. From across the table, I could smell that the oil was some kind of vegetable oil, and that it was rancid. I ate the salad plain.

    Today I was in a vehicle and my co-workers stopped at McDonalds, the fries smelled the most, and it was the veg oil on them that stuck out the most.
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    Me too. I always preferred dark chocolate but now I don't even really enjoy the milk chocolate. Even carrots can taste too sweet sometimes.

    As for smell, other people's deodorants can make me almost gag. I'm pretty sure that's not the effect they're going for

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    Yes. If I let some coconut milk stand in the fridge for a while, I can then scoop it up with a spoon and pretend it's ice cream.

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    I just can't get myself to like liver. However I don't gag anymore like when I first ate it
    well then

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    I think it's a few things. I think the hyperstimulation removal explains the loss of sweet tooth, but the affinity for bitter and other tastes is actually due in whole or in part to minerals that we were all probably deficient in, namely zinc and possibly copper.

    Gadsie - After years of gagging on/choking down liver because it's good for me, I suddenly started liking the flavor within the past month. Hope you have the same experience.

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    I drank some OJ the other day which is very rare for me as mostly I don't drink anything but water, coffee and tea, and it tasted ridiculously sweet. It reminded me of what Sunny D tasted like back when I drank that crap.
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    My sense of taste and smell have always been excellent. I am, however, much more acutely sensitive to sweetness now than previously, and almost all grain-based foods taste like soggy cardboard now.

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    Do you guys detect sugar from a distance with your teeth? I used to work at dunkin donuts, and just walking in the door would irritate my teeth as though I had cavities. Whenever I turned and faced the donuts, I would suffer for it.
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