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    I was wondering what types of meat, and which cuts of meat can be used for making jerky? Can you use fish or poultry or pork?

    I also read that wild game like venison should be frozen for 30 days to kill any parasites that might be in it (I could be wrong on the amount of time though). Anyone do this with their meat prior to making it into jerky?

    Thanks for any info you can provide--I'd love to learn about your methods of making it as well if you've got any info to share!

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    Unless you have a super deep freeze that sits at absolute zero there is no merit to the freezing for 30days thing. I have jerkied bison right from the butcher and I am still here to tell of it. You can jerky anything but different meats dry differently. Fish and poultry needs to be fully dried and as such is quite tough. Duck on the other hand doesn't contain salmonella so it is similar to pork in that you can leave more moisture in it. Beef/bison/venison are the best for tenderness. I still recommend freezing the meat first as I find the jerky to be much more consistent and less gamey (sp?).

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    I've only used beef, venison & ground turkey. I have never tried freezing it pre-drying. I typically slice it all up, trim off excess fat, silver & veins etc, then marinade for up to 12 hours and then dehydrate. Comes out great every time! The ground meat takes a little longer I find but there's more surface area to get to! As long as you use enough salt per pound of meat and dehydrate it at the right temp for long enough, then you have properly cured it and all is well. Nitrites etc are only required if you're going to make it shelf stable through the next millennium.

    Then again, I do have a tendency to store it in the fridge if I'm going to keep it for a long time (ie a month or longer) but honestly that hasn't happened. It usually gets eaten pretty quick!

    As far as what kind of beef, I use top round. It has the least intrusive marbling. What marbling IS there is really easy to see and cut off. If there's alot of fat marbled through the entire piece of meat then I avoid it b/c I dont want rancid jerky, the leaner the piece of meat the better!

    have fun!

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    Thanks for the info both of you! What are your favorite spices/marinades for your jerky?

    Thanks again!

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    Oooo, yes I'd like to hear some ideas for beef jerky spices and marinades too!! As soon as we move into our new house, I'm going to make one of those makeshift dehydrators to make jerky in until we can *hopefully* get a nice one as a wedding present...

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