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Thread: Need help deciding on tractor tire page

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    does anyone have insight into purchasing a tire that I can flip around my backyard? Obviously I want it quite heavy but calling the shop and asking how much it weighs/can I come and try to pick it up doesnt always go over so well!

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    Can you get one for free at a junkyard or something?

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    As far as I've heard you should contact your local department of transportation, or another heavy equipment supplier, and ask for one. They definitely shouldn't charge you as THEY have to pay to ship them off for disposal or recycling. Asking a question about it's weight shouldn't be too awkward since you're doing them the favor.

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    We have several where I work and a couple years back the guys threw them on the freight scale for the hell of it. The smallest one ( about 4 ft tall) weighs about 375lb while the largest one ( about 5 1/2 feet tall) weighs close to 600 lbs.

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    Uhm, check your local craigslist

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    I wish I had some space for tire and sledgehammer workouts. My next house it going to be out in the country.

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    I lucked out last summer when a neighbor (for who knows what reason) put a no-longer-wanted tire out by their dumpster.

    I eyeballed it for a few days before I gathered up the brother-in-law and we went a-late night raiding.

    Mine is about 5 1/2 feet tall, but I can't imagine it weighs 600lbs as I can flip it by myself with a bit of effort. It's great for smacking with my sledge, though!

    Good luck in your search.

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