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Thread: Low Carb/Gluten-wheat-yeast Free Bread (Julian Bakery)

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    Low Carb/Gluten-wheat-yeast Free Bread (Julian Bakery)

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    Hey Groks & Grokettes, I was wondering what you all thought about these breads.

    Smart Carb GF #3 (Gluten Free) (3 Net Carbs) =3 net carbs

    Purity Bread (2 Net Carbs) =2 net carbs

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    Frankenfoods are gross. Just eat real food.

    Baking flaxseed flour is a horrible idea. Oxidized O3s are terrible for you.

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    "Fresh Ground Alkaline Forming Grains" and inulin. Mmm. Basically, it's tree bark and yeast yielding something bread-shaped that will absolutely wreck your digestive system and cake up your intestines leading to gas, bloating and painful "movements". I'd rather just eat actual bread than that crap.
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    If you're desperate for bread, at least find a respectable recipe online and get some gluten free flours. Make it yourself. On that note, White Lion Baking Co has a couple of bread mixes, but all it is is almond flour, baking soda, eggs, and Fage (which you can do yourself)
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    Question is, why are you trying to recreate bread with bizarre concoctions?

    Experience is, I tried the "dietary specials" gluten free bread a couple of times. It dissolved into mush upon chewing, and came out the other end looking exactly the same..... *eww*

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    It looks pretty unappetizing. I can think of better things to eat. There are times I miss bread, but I miss things like my friend's awesome homemade sourdough, or pizza. I don't miss bland hippie bread. All those 'healthy whole grains' complete with anti-nutrients. No thanks. I'd probably be better off with my friend's sourdough since he ferments the heck out of it.

    I suppose it will spike your insulin less than most gluten-free bread options but that's about the only positive thing I have to say about it. I'm with Choco on this one. If you're going to have some bread, as long as you're not gluten intolerant, have it and move on. Nothing wrong with an occasional treat. If you're trying to find some sort of bread-type thing to add into your daily diet, then ur doin it wrong. Sorry.

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