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Thread: Fasting and antioxidants

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    Anyone familiar with the research of Prof Michael Ristow? He noted that the increased lifespan of a worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, when subjected to calorific restriction, is attributed to induced oxidative stress. This (hometic) stimulus causes the organism to produce its own powerful antioxidants.

    BUT - he also noted that administering antioxidants negated the increase in longevity - presumably by blocking the induction of oxidative stress.

    One might be compelled to conclude that a diet rich in antioxidant may well be antagonistic in an IF regimen, or at least drinking teas containing antioxidants (eg green tea, rooibos etc) should be avoided during the fasting cycle.

    Comments invited!

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    I'll be curious about the outcome of this study and its interpretation. It's timely for me that you write this because I had a canned pumpkin, whey protein and cream concoction for breakfast that leads into my 12 hour fast for today. I'm almost 3 hours in to the fast and still feeling satiated (more than normal).

    We'll see what will happen...

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    OK, mindmt - I successfully completed my IF at just over 12 hours - and it was the best feeling IF I have had to date. I kept myself busy, didn't feel much hunger until the 9th hour and then it just went away. No major irritations, etc.

    Upon completion I ate a BAS and Buffalo Wings primal style!

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