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Thread: Paleo Comfort Food recipe- a hit!!!

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    Paleo Comfort Food recipe- a hit!!!

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    I have not been eating Primal for long, and needed ideas, so bought the Paleo Comfort Food cookbook. I have tried a few recipes in the book and liked them okay, until tonight. We had the sausage gravy and biscuits. I did not use the biscuit recipe but just the gravy. OMG!!!! Sooooooo Good!!! This was the first recipe that I used coconut milk in and I was concerned about it being overwhelming. Well, it was overwhelmingly wonderful. I recommend it 100 %. It may not be good to eat too often, but we actually need to gain weight, so I think it will be on the menu a lot. Check it out!

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    Good to know. I haven't tried that one yet. The Food Lovers/The has an awesome cookbook too.

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