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    Where's the cat?

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    Where's the cat?
    lmao never ever eat the cat or the dog. that's incredibly counter productive as both of them have the capability to catch me meat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    I'm about to get a freezer and a power outage is my biggest fear. I deliberately got a smaller one wich will hold 6.5 cu ft. It will make for one heckof a barbeque!
    If the freezer is full and you don't open it you could make it through a 2-day outage.

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    When I went to Nepal there was a guy hanging out on the edge of town selling goat meat from his goat carcass. He was there for the three days I was there, with the same carcass getting smaller and smaller. There were also carcasses hanging in the half-open basement next to the bathroom in the hotel where we stayed. I think everyone here thinks meat rots way faster than it actually does or that you can't eat it a little older than freshly killed and I really think many of you think you are less resilient than you truly are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raney View Post
    I've ran into this a few times lately, too broke to go shopping until payday. I tend to fast more (I actually skipped breakfast a couple days - unheard of, for me), and just focus on vege's and whatever fat I have around to keep me satiated.

    A pile of broccoli, covered in coconut oil and some hot sauce, makes an acceptable dinner in the absence of protein. The same can be said for asparagus sauteed in garlic and butter.

    On a particularly desperate day I did have a sliced apple dipped in almond butter. I remember having this knee-jerk reaction of "I need to do some research and find out how much fructose, omega6 and phytic acid I'm ingesting here..."; it was a good lesson in taking a deep breath and remembering Mark's post on not letting perfect be the enemy of good. If you can get by without resorting to grains or processed junk, I wouldn't beat yourself up.
    +1 completely.

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    No meat - probably a good idea to go low protein occasionally and a chance to get in some minerals from lots of vegies and salads.

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