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Thread: Climbing training and PBF

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    Climbing training and PBF

    EDIT: Moving to fitness forum.. feel free to delete (I couldn't figure out how)

    I am new to the whole primal blueprint thing, but am loving it so far. So far I have only transformed my diet and now want to practice fitness the PB way, but am concerned about how to go about this...

    I am a climber and I climb often. During the winter months I will be in the climbing gym on average 4 times per week for 2 hours each. As a mid 5.11 climber right now I have a goal to be climbing 5.12s by spring. I do intense back to back boulder problems, endurance route climbing, hang board stuff, etc etc... after reading PBF I'm wondering how I can continue to train (and get maximal gains) but also adapt to the PBF way. Do any other climbers have experience with this? Do the same principles apply to climbing where there are some very specific muscle groups that need to be targeted? Should I expect to make MORE gains if I only climb 2x a week? Has anyone else changed their training based on primal fitness techniques?

    Advice appreciated! Thanks!
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