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Thread: Carb overload?

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    Carb overload?

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    I came across an article that was posted back in June called "What happens to your body when you carb binge".
    I actually went to the doctor. I had an extreme case of this. My doctor said my body actually shut down. He did a glucose test, the results were abnormal. My body has yet to recover and it's been 8 yrs! My symptoms now mimic type 2 diabetes. When this episode first happened, I had all symptoms of severe hypoglycemia yet normal blood sugar readings, left my doctor totally baffled. My blood sugar is always within normal range, however,my symptoms persist. I feel better then I did initially, I have become real sensitive to food yet there is no specific type of food that helps me feel better. My increase in hunger and fatigue persists.

    Any suggestions on what you would do to correct this? I've tried low carb dieting already. I actually felt worse.


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    what did u eat to get u there and how long after did ur body "shutdown" u might some bad overgrowth of bacteria but thats just a guess. i mean for ur body to actually shut down u need to be eating sugar directly from the spoonfuls. thats a lot of sugar.
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    I hear that if you used to eat a lot of carbs, then your first few days (or weeks) of no grains will be a little painful (like a legit withdrawal.) If you search around the forum, you'll be sure to find some detailed posts about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalMark View Post
    You would know brah cos you can smack down 1200g in day! Thats killer man!

    MS says when your gonna have a carb refeed of 250-300g in a day, then keep your fat intake UNDER 50g a day. Here is the link so there is no confusion about this no more.
    Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple
    If you are going to continue to post that blog post, you should at least read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmy1966 View Post
    I've tried low carb dieting already. I actually felt worse.

    You should feel worse. Lots worse. And you should feel a lot worse for about 2-6 weeks. If you listen to your body you will keep binging on carbs. Listening to your body is what screwed you over so bad. Stop listening, feel bad for a few weeks and break through. You'll feel great afterward.
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