Hey Groks & Grokettes, I was wondering what you guys thought about this product. I ordered a case last week and made some primal spaghetti and It was PHENOMENAL!!!! It has a neutral taste. I thought it'd be fishy. It says it's ready to eat right out of the bag but it boiled it anyway for about 10-15 minutes to make it a bit softer. Let me know what you guys think.

Sea Tangle Noodle Company: Kelp Noodles

(Oh by the way I'm just starting out on PB after 3 months on a 3000-4000 calorie a day experimental Fruitarian diet. I Promised my girlfriend I'd do it with/for her as a birthday gift lol. Great experience and results physically and performance wise. Blood tests were perfect besides B12-Vitamin D. But I just love meat too much lol and my obligation expired Nov 15th)

Oh and check out these BBQ pit boys. They're meat masters lol. I just used one of their steak recipes and OMG they were on point. check em out.

BarbecueWeb's Channel - YouTube