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Thread: Microkate's Primal Journal

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    Microkate's Primal Journal

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    Ok, so we've been doing Primal/Paleo on and off for over a year. Recently we completed a Whole30, but more recently we've fallen off the wagon pretty badly. My husband likes primal/paleo, but when he's stressed and overworked he craves sugar-loaded comfort food. I've been going along with that and really not feeling so good.

    I'm currently 4 1/2 mos postpartum (c-section), overweight and out of shape. 5'8", 187 lbs. My target weight is 160lbs. My activity level is pretty sedentary. I have a riding lesson once a week, and I take the baby out for walks when the weather is nice, but it's usually just 20-30min at a leisurely pace. I'm in nursing school, so right now I'm in class for about 15 hrs a week and then spend about an equal amount of time studying plus a few hours commuting - basically lots of time spent sitting down. I'm breastfeeding, which is good from a health standpoint (burns ~500cals/day, plus the numerous benefits to the baby), but that's another 3-4hrs/day sitting around. I can read or surf the net while breastfeeding, but can't seriously study or work on things. I also don't get more than 4 hrs of sleep in one stretch.

    My schedule and an infant make exercise challenging. I really do better working out when I go to a class or to the gym and get into an exercise frame of mind. There aren't any good gym options around, plus I'd need to arrange for childcare, so I'm going to have to suck it up and work out at home.

    The one thing I really have in my favor is that I love cooking, and when I cook I tend to stick to primal/paleo foods. The problem comes when we both get home late and decide to order in or run out for dinner, or we don't make lunches the night before and end up buying lunch out.

    So here I am - this will hopefully help me stay motivated. I'm going to try to post daily to log how I'm doing with food and exercise.

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    9:00am - coffee and whole milk, 1 c frozen spinach sauteed in butter, 3 eggs, small sprinkle of pepper jack, guacamole
    1:50pm - cheese stick, larabar
    3:15pm - 1/3 c almonds
    5:50pm - cheese stick
    6:30pm - chicken and broccoli stir-fry, 3 lumpia
    9:00pm - small bowl ice cream

    Of course today was pouring rain, windy and COLD - not such a good day for a walk. Not thrilled with my eating today, though breakfast and dinner were pretty good.

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    I think focusing on nutrition over exercise, at least initially, will be easier for you. Keep walking, as much as you can though! Rainy days always bring me down because I can't take my daily stroll around the office buildings

    I'm curious, you snacked a bunch, but didn't have an actual lunch. Any reason for that?
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    Laziness, mainly. If I eat a good breakfast, I don't get hungry enough to justify the effort of making lunch and then cleaning up from it (mostly the cleaning up).

    11/18/11 - In class, 9:30am-3:30pm
    8:30 am - coffee with cream
    11:15 am - chicken and vegetables cooked in salsa, topped with guacamole and sour cream
    2pm - cheese stick
    4:30pm - Larabar
    6:30pm - paleo pork BBQ and sweet potato

    Hit up the grocery store tonight for some basics - salad greens, eggs, cream, bananas, cranberries, ginger, garlic, milk. Husband got cereal and ice cream, but he got stuff I don't like and I didn't add to it.
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    Bliss! While it was interrupted sleep, I slept for a total of 9 hours! This is a big deal for me - I usually get about 6 hrs a night, woken up in the middle.

    11:30am - coffee and milk, bacon, sauteed spinach with garlic, fried eggs topped with guacamole and salsa
    4:30pm - hot chocolate and vanilla scone, bite of caramel bar
    7:00pm - pork chop with apple-cranberry sauce, broccoli, rice, roll
    9:30pm - cheese stick
    10:30pm - hot tea

    Walked ~4.5 miles, 2 of them with a baby in a front pack

    At the moment, while I'm trying to make our dinners primal, I'm just tracking what I eat and why. Once I can see where my tripping points are I think I'll have an easier time dealing with them. Dinner was starchy, but it was at my MILs and I get very uncomfortable eating "oddly" at other people's houses. I should have had just the pork and broccoli. At least I skipped the fudge and the turtle pie!

    The hot chocolate and scone were because I made the mistake of going for a long walk without taking snacks. When I'm really hungry I go for carbs. Next time, take snacks and then buy coffee if needed.
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    11/20/11 - Lazy morning, then lots of studying for a big exam tomorrow - too much time sitting parked in front of the computer!

    11:00am - coffee and milk, 2 scrambled eggs with pepper jack, guacamole and salsa, banana
    2:00pm - leftover paleo pork BBQ
    5:00pm - cheese stick, coffee and milk
    6:30pm - hard cider, more paleo pork BBQ in lettuce wraps, baked sweet potato fries

    Salsa and guacamole have become my all-purpose condiments for eggs, burgers, taco salads and so on. I LOFF the little packets from Wholly Guacamole. Not cheap, but avocados aren't cheap either, especially when they go bad before you use them.
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    11/21/11 - class 9:30am-3:30pm

    8:30am - coffee and milk
    10:30am - sausage and eggs (needed to buy food out, went to DD and got 2 sausage and egg wraps, ditched the wrap)
    12:00pm - coffee and milk
    4pm - burger topped with tomato, bacon and cheese
    6pm - roasted butternut squash, chicken cooked in apples and figs
    8pm - hard cider, ice cream

    Not bad until I hit the ice cream...
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    9:30am - coffee, black (at the vet's office - only option was dry non-dairy creamer, so black it was)
    11:00am - coffee and milk, cheese stick
    1:30pm - banana, handful almonds
    5:00pm - 2 cookies
    8:30pm - fried zucchini, eggplant parmesan, tiramisu

    I should have had a riding lesson today, but it was pouring. Oh well - lots of house cleaning instead, which I firmly believe counts as exercise. Plus walked about 1.5 miles
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    11:00am - coffee and milk, eggs with pepper jack, shredded pork and salsa

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    Probably the less said about the last couple weeks, the better, but back on track now. Went grocery shopping last night and did pretty well at sticking to the plan. Husband bought some very non-primal stuff for him, but it's nothing I like so it won't tempt me. (Little Debbie cakes and Frosted Flakes)

    Exercise will be on an upward swing! I picked up a lease on a horse that I like and so can ride whenever I want, plus I have a lesson each week to keep me motivated. I'm pretty busy, but I'm scheduling that lesson + 2 rides every week, then will tack on an extra couple rides when I can.

    10:30am Coffee and milk, apple
    12:00pm Leftover meat sauce with spaghetti squash
    7:00pm Salad greens topped with tomato, avocado, diced chicken and homemade cranberry-cherry sauce
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