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Thread: Mood and Caffeine

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    Mood and Caffeine

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    Just an observation:
    I've cut out coffee for my whole 30 this month. The first week really sucked- terrible headaches and grouchy mood, but the headaches at least passed.
    I haven't been 100% caffeine free, I have the occasional black or green tea
    This morning however I made myself a couple cups of strong matcha (had a midterm and wanted to be sharp)
    I have to say after drinking the matcha I noticed a huge change in my mood, I immediately felt peppy and energized (makes sense) but also I felt happier and more optimistic.
    The past few weeks I've been really low energy and had low moods too. I've been attributing this to winter blues/stressful midterm time, but maybe there's something to this caffeine boost that I really rely on for some morning happiness?
    Anyone else have this experience with caffeine? It was pretty awesome I've got to say.

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    Hell yes. I totally cut caffeine (as well as all sugars and grains) for the first four months I was Primal. Sugar? Pah! Who needs it? Grain? Whatever. Don't miss it at all. caffeine? I thought about coffee for every single day for four months. Eventually I said 'fuck it' and reintroduced the wonderful stuff. At first I was just two in the morning, and that was better than nothing. Over time however my intake has crept back up. Still down from where it was (maybe 3-4 large mugs a day).

    I find it works wonders on my mood and mental acuity.

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    Caffeine is wonderful, and most of it's primal delivery vehicles are very good for you.

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    It's the best drug in the world. Of course some amphetamine or a few lines of cocaine is even better, but one cannot do these drugs every day; coffee is the next best thing.

    I started making coffee in a French press a few days ago, and it has been a revelation. I can drink the stuff without milk or sugar now; it's all flavor and strong energy.

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    I have been a heavy heavy coffee drinker for more than 10 years and finally decided to quit. It was terrible. I got migraines, mood swings, and was just generally grouchy to everyone around me.

    After a few days of darkness, I ended up getting into an argument with a coworker and for some reason, my brain turned on faster than it's ever run. With every point she made, I was ready to counter with a fast, cohesive, complex, sound, and valid point. I felt that at that point, I was the smartest I've ever been.

    Since then I've gone back to drinking coffee. I feel a lot happier, but I definitely can tell that this wonderful, wonderful drug does cloud some of my mental capabilities.

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    I love coffee! Piracetam is another great drug for those interested.

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    Only instant coffee will give me headaches after quitting. Proper grinded coffee, I have no issues with quitting or going without even if I have periods of 4-6 a day followed by a break.

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    Coffee makes me happy but I've recently introduced yerba mate and I've had those same feelings of optimism and alertness that you did with the matcha. A noticeable difference from coffee, which makes me wonder if it is something in the tea other than caffeine?
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    Caffiene turns me into an instant insomniac and gives me nightly heartburn. I sleep like a baby since cutting it completely out of my diet. I don't think it's inherently bad (like dairy, it's about each individual person) but I do think too many people use it as a crutch.

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    Have to say I was nice and alert last night while doing some evening work and I slept fine as well (but that was just after one dose, if I keep it up my sleep will likely get disturbed)
    yes coffee is wonderful, I'm curious about yerba mate too! I've heard lots of good things. I've only ever seen it in iced tea form.

    Its been kind of nice waking up and not automatically going for the coffee pot, I fell like I'm waking up, not having coffee wake me up. And I have been sleeping better.
    But I am DEFINITELY looking forward to having a latte on december 1st!

    I did see a study recently: women who drink 4+ cups of coffee a day were less depressed than women who drank less, or none! (correlational but still cool)

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