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Thread: What does 'Moderate' mean?

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    What does 'Moderate' mean?

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    Throughout much of the Primal Blueprint, there is often statements about some food intake being 'moderate', could someone please tell me how often or how much 'moderate' means.


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    I use common sense.

    Handful of nuts = moderate, bag of nuts is not
    Teaspoon of coconut oil = moderate, 3-5 is not
    1/2 can of coconut milk = moderate, 3 per day is not
    1 apple + 1 banana per day = moderate, 5 bananas per day is not
    1 big mac per month = moderate, eating fast food daily or weekly is not

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    "Moderation" doesn't mean anything. One man's moderation is another man's excess is another man's depravation. If you ask me in what amount of moderation should you enjoy soybean oil, I will say zero. You should enjoy zero grams of soybean oil in your diet in moderation. If you ask me what moderation on carbohydrate is, my view of moderation will be much higher than most people's on this thread. Then again, I enjoy Thousand Carbohydrate Friday.

    Find out what your maintenance calories are. If you eat that much food, that's as good a definition of "moderation" as you can get IMO.

    To counter lardomuncher's view on "moderation", if you told me you were eating nuts in any quantity every day, I'd consider that excess. My view of moderation on nuts may be 1-2 servings a week.
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    It means taking a shot of heroine, but not too much, because that makes you an extremist, or none at all, because that means you don't enjoy life enough.

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    I had to learn 'moderation' for myself.
    Hand full of nuts daily = weight gain.
    Hand full of nuts 1x a month = no weight gain= moderation.

    3 fruits a day = bloated.
    1 fruit a day = not bloated = moderation.

    4 cups of raw dairy a day = constipation.
    1 cup of raw dairy every other day or less = no constipation = moderation.

    This is how I moderated myself and what moderation means to me. I think you have to find your own moderation.

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    Moderation is a subjective term that requires a little common sense. Lardomuncher had a good description, but it really is done by a case by case basis. I found this really good infographic on which foods you should or shouldn't eat. The guy who made it calls it "Upgraded Paleo." It makes a lot of this stuff easier to understand. Here's the link:

    The Complete Illustrated One Page Bulletproof Diet (Upgraded Paleo) | The Bulletproof Executive

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    10% to 20%, if you follow 1:9 or 2:8 rule.

    The Complete Illustrated One Page Bulletproof Diet (Upgraded Paleo) | The Bulletproof Executive
    I think it's odd to recommend stuffing one to the brims with fat and limiting vegetables to 20% a day. It's like eating half a pound of butter with a radish on the side. The original paleo feels much more sensible, with its emphasis on proteins and vegetables and 20-30% fat.
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    But 20% vegetable is a TON!

    Keep in mind that eating 20% of you calories from vegetables isn't that easy to do. Vegetables are mostly water. FOUR cups of raw spinach is exactly 20 calories. If you're only eating 2,000 calories a day, and you want 20% of them to come from vegetables, your looking at 20 cups of spinach.

    People forget how little food is actually in vegetables!

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    It's the amount right in the middle where it does you more good than harm.

    How much is that? No clue, and it's probably different for everyone anyway.

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    Moderation is a scam, sorry. People use it to justify eating unhealthy stuff. How much arsenic and mercury do you eat in moderation? How much margarine?

    The fact you can get away with eating small amounts of toxins doesn't mean it's good for you or a good idea. It's not.

    The nuts made you fat because they had oxidized omega 6 oils and mycotoxins in them. The funny thing is, you probably could have eaten a handful of nuts without weight gain if you'd found raw, high quality, mold-free nuts. It's just hard to do that with pre-shelled nuts. I blog about mycotoxins a lot.


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