I live in a very small rural Washington town. Found a "paleo-friendly" MD about an hour away (Hood River, Oregon) through this site's resources. First visit yesterday. How refreshing. I'm tickled a very-rare-pink. After talking about my most serious health concerns -- possible future issues based on family history of Alzheimer's & stroke -- he custom-ordered blood tests around general inflammation, cortisol, etc. Also the expanded cholesterol test, since I'm a primal person and he believes that standard tests don't accurately reflect what's going on with those of us who shun the Carbohydrate Highway. Haven't had any blood work since 2007, when I'd just dropped 30 lbs (20 regained, alas) on the Zone. Very high cholesterol and high blood pressure back then. Eager to see the results from yesterday, lemme tell ya!

Right now, it appears that (having gone primal 7/11/11) this 63 year old is healthy as a buffalo. Wonder if the 25 pounds shed have something to do with the BEST BP reading I've had in years -- 120/62. WOW. Got a smiling go-ahead for my salt-addiction. (Isn't Salty Fat a basic food group?)

What delighted me most was how seriously he listened, questioned, and contributed to the dietary/lifestyle discussion.

Thanks to all who make this site great. Never would have found such a happy match without you.