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Thread: No old lady, uncomfortable, itchy, girdle for ME today....

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    No old lady, uncomfortable, itchy, girdle for ME today....

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    I know it's not about the weight... it's about how I feel. And I have to say, I feel friggin' FANTASTIC these days. An overall sense of well being.

    It's funny cuz I would not believe it if I hadn't tried primal eating.

    My husband and I started eating primal as an experiment on Oct. 1. We wanted to see how we felt... if it was do-able long term... if we'd fail miserably....would we crave pasta or bread?

    Well it IS sustainable. We DON'T crave grain products. And so far we have NOT failed miserably. We both feel GREAT and enjoy eating this way! I know I sound like an infomercial but it's hard not to be excited once you discover primal and feel the results.

    Our main focus is always how we feel. However, since the wieght started to come off, I get on the scale out of curiosity from time to time. Today, after our morning walk with the dogs under the stars ... I hopped up on the scale.

    I was down another 2lbs! That is a total of 12lbs since starting Primal October 1.

    To celebrate I wore an above the knee shirtdress I have... I used to wear these big, mom-der-wear, control top, itchy, binding, uncomfortable as crap, girdle thing cuz I always thought my belly poofed out.

    Guess what?

    I didn't have to wear any damn, uncomfortable, girdle thing today.... belly is flat! Feels good to have some added confidence about how you feel and look and what you wear.

    It's all about the little victories eh?

    Cheers - Shanster

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    Now you can wear a super hot sexy corset thing. And your husband will LOVE it.
    Starting Weight 235 - Dec 1, 2010
    Started Primal Mid January 2011
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    Goal 160

    Get Outside Already!

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    Thats awesome!!!! I am finding that my pants are fitting much better! I was kind of surprised that I am not craving any pasta, chips or sweets. Its weird, but good, I dont mind not craving them Makes it so much easier. Congrats to you!!!

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