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Thread: Lamb Meat - What parts are nutrient dense

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    Lamb Meat - What parts are nutrient dense

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    Fellow Primals,
    I"m wondering what parts of lamb meat are most nutrient dense? Organ means - liver, kidney etc..I once bought kidney and is pretty much fat. Thighs, chest? I normally buy about 2lbs and generally get a mix. But wanted to check with you guys and buy more smartly..

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    The liver, kidney and heart are very nutrient dense - brain too, but I don't eat that - can't bring myself to.

    All of the lamb is good and delicious, but lamb breast and lamb shoulder are probably the most economical parts. Where do you live? If UK or New Zealand, lamb tends to be grass reared and so good fat profile. I can't say about anywhere else.

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    It depends what your definition of "nutrient dense" is. Even the least nutritious cuts of lamb are more nutrient dense than the most nutrient dense vegetables
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    Breadsauce..Thank you. I'm taking about lambs raised in India. Lambs for the most part are grass reared.

    Chocotaco...I'm not comparing veggies, but organ meats and various other areas of a lamb. Here in India, the butcher by default will give the thighs if I don't demand otherwise. Thighs don't sell that well compared to other parts and hence they will try to give it to folks who don't specify what they want.

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    Shanks are quite tasty and have a decent amount of marrow for you to scoop out.
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    #1 would be liver. Beyond that I haven't seen definitive evidence, but what i've seen suggests heart, kidney, marrow and i speculate brains.

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