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Thread: For those of you searching for leanness...

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    For those of you searching for leanness...

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    Do you have any concern that low levels of body fat can be just as detrimental to health as high levels?

    I am referring to people who are using things like Leangains/Ultimate diet 2 to get their BF% to super low levels.

    Primal/paleo logic tends to follow a form of homeostasis/equilibrium, a balancing act, and I think perhaps being too lean could be an issue.

    But I have no idea really! Just a thought experiment. Those of you who are rocking low BF, how do you feel?

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    Hi Doctor, good interesting question.
    For women it affects the menstrual circle. And I know that too skinny and being pregnant do not go together. The body will reject the fruit.
    But how do you feel when your BF is (too) low, can't answer that.

    Take care,

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    I'm not trying to get as lean as some. I just want to get down to 20% BF (I'm tired of this inner tube).... for that reason actually that is as low as I want to get. I agree that too low BF is not healthy.

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    id say the only time it could be a slight issue is when youre pregnant other then that there is nothing detrimental about being lean year round so long as your calorie intake is good enough to support would have been negative back in the day when we hunted and had a chance to not catch it doesnt matter

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    I will tell ya all about it if I can get there. On the CW diet (low fat, low protein) I could not, I was feeling so unwell. With high protein and higher fat, so far I am Okay, but my weight swings up and down due to the UD, so I haven't stabilized on any kind of unusually lower BF yet. In my past experience, it's not so much getting there, it is the maintain that is a killer. I honestly don't know how these naturally thin women can survive based on my CW experience.
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