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Thread: Diet Cure Supplement Question

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    Question Diet Cure Supplement Question

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    Hi everyone
    I'm going to start the Diet Cure supplement protocol this week. Right now I'm searching/pricing all the supps, and I'm wondering if I should try l-tryptophan or 5-htp first? I'm leaning toward l-tryptophan based on what I've read in the book....does anyone have any suggestions on which is better?

    ps- Sorry for the double post but I'd really like some quick advice so i can get started!

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    Why are you looking to use either? Generally they're used to treat depression/anxiety without resorting to SSRI's or MAOI inhibitors. I read The Mood Cure, just find it interesting that her other book recommends the use of those supplements as well.

    I take 5-HTP at night and it helps me sleep and lowers my rate of depressive episodes. If you're using it to treat depression, you might want to check out "Depression-Free: Naturally" for another perspective on supplements (though she says 5-HTP is dangerous, but it's not an incredibly recent book).
    Depression Lies

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