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Thread: Primal recipe to replace birthday cakes?

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    Wink Primal recipe to replace birthday cakes?

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    Hi everyone!

    My friend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake. I usually buy cakes or the giant cookie from Mrs Fields, but I started the 30-day challenge to go primal and I want to stay as fully committed as possible for the rest of the challenge.

    Does anyone know any primal alternative for birthday cakes? If I'm buying it I'd like to eat it as well :P No point purchasing a birthday cake and let everyone else eat it except for myself.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Take a ribeye, cook it in the fat of 3 slices of bacon. Cook a sliced onion in the pan add some grass fed butter, serve bacon onions ribeye together on a plate.

    Best birthday ever.

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    Great minds. My birthday is in a week. I have requested a birthday steak. Not any steak: dry aged prime beef. The big thing for me is that I want to pick it out from the butcher AND cook it myself. I told the family they can put a candle on it and sing when I bring it in from the grill.
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    I've been dying to try this carrot cake recipe. It looks amazing!

    The Food Lovers' Primal Palate: Carrot Cake

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    AWESOME! Sounds good to me.

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    damn i gotta figure out a way to make that carrot cake for refeed purposes. looks awesome.
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    I made this as a round cake for my daughter's birthday. It was delicious
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    Take a poke around Patty's paleo-friendly DessertStalker site, see if anything appeals:

    Gallery - dessertstalker

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    IME all the non paleo/primal ppl dont like coconut flour anything unless they are into coconut. i always cut it big time with other GF flours if i have to bake for normal people. i would say your best bet, if you want cake and want everyone else to eat it, would be to go for one of those cakes made out of melted chocolate, loads of eggs, butter and some nut flour. i always omit the sugar and no one notices. basically you melt the choc and the butter. throw in the egg yolks and the nut flour. fold in the egg whites and bake. i can find a recipe if you would like one.

    there is also this
    Pots de Creme | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond which is low carb even, if you can get a decent dark choc like lindt 85%

    & this
    Brace Yourself: Cookie Dough Truffles | Frisky Lemon Nutrition

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    Give me dark-chocolate covered espresso beans, and I'm a happy guy.

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