Greetings everyone. I own the Primal cookbooks and have been a long-time lurker on this site. Aside from eating cheese, my diet is consistent with primal principles.

(*I know that this is not a weight loss forum* but will you please bear with me? I'm coming to you guys because you know more than most doctors, and you certainly know more than the dieters obsessed with counting calories on the weight loss forums.)

From ages 16-40, I easily maintained my ideal weight of 125 pounds. At age 40, half of my thyroid was removed due to cancer, but I did not receive chemo or any form of radiation.

After the thyroid surgery at age 40, I noticed a tendency to gain weight, so I immediately removed all carbs from my diet, which enabled me to maintain a weight of 125 until I hit age 43, after which 7 pounds crept on me over a 7 month period. This 7 pound weight gain is independent of any changes to diet and exercise. In fact, each month as a new pound would creep on, I would exercise harder and eat less, but nothing will reverse the weight gain.

Each month my endocrinologist tests my blood and adjusts my daily thyroid meds. I am on a combo of T3 and T4. (I tried natural desiccated, but it made me gain at an even faster rate.) I wonder if the thyroid medication is affecting my insulin levels and thereby causing a weight gain? Although my blood sugars are all normal and I have never been diabetic.

I am not menopausal, and my estrogen levels are normal, but my progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA were low, so my doctor has prescribed a small dose of bioidentical progesterone and testosterone cream plus small dose DHEA pill.

My daily diet is under 1500 calories consisting of healthy oils/fats, meats, eggs, cheese, and low carb veggies such as lettuce and spinach. I do not even eat fruit. My exercise routine consists of cardio, resistance training, light weight lifting. But no matter how much I tweak my diet or exercise routine, the weight will not come off.

The weight gain is inexplicable, because I do not eat carbs or anything that would raise my insulin. Nor do I ever overeat.

I assume that my hypothalamus has downgraded my metabolism. Is there a way to reverse this and raise my metabolism again?

I have considered the HCG diet, but it would require me to remove all fats from my diet for a month.

Should I get tested for leptin resistance or reverse T3 build up?

I have also read that taking a combination of naltrexone and Wellbutrin raises metabolism. Do you know anyone who has tried this combo?

*SORRY* for being selfish and going off topic with my weight issues, but you know that you are in a better position to advise me than any doctor or dieter.

I appreciate any suggestions that you care to offer.