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Thread: Vitamin D & colds

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    Vitamin D & colds

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    For those of you who supplement regularly with vitamin D, do you increase your dose when you have a cold? Do you think it helps the cold go away faster?

    I'm having my first cold in about 2 years. I normally supplement about 4,000 IUs of D daily in the winter. I'm thinking about boosting it for a few days to kick this cold in the booty.

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    I do 40,000 IUs for 1-2 days--no more. D acts like an antibiotic at this dosage.

    Haven't been sick in over 2 years!

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    I'm on day 7 of a very annoying head cold, and the 8,000 IUs of vitamin D I've been taking haven't helped a bit. It sounds like I should try drastically upping my dosage
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