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Thread: A list and price of OMEGA 3 foods

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    A list and price of OMEGA 3 foods

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    Trying to eliminate as much PUFA as possible and started increasing my fish intake. Anyway figure I would post prices/ nutritional content of each source I picked up.

    Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet from Copper River Seafoods @ 14.99lb,
    190 cals per 4 oz (90 cals fat, 24g protein)...think it is usually 12.99 when it is "in season"

    Wild Planet Sardines in Water @ 2.99 per 5oz. 73 cals per 2oz, 13g protein, 19 cals fat
    885mg DHA and 210 EPA of Omega 3 per 5oz

    Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna @ 3.79 per 5oz 120 cals per 2oz, 16 g protein, 60 cals fat
    2,320mg DHA and 720 EPA of Omega 3 per 5oz( let me add HOLY SHIT !)

    Wild Caught Crown Prince Natural PINK Salmon @ 3.89 per 6.79 oz, 90 cals per 1.96 oz 11 g protein and 35 cals fat. 1.5g of Omega 3 (no DHA and EPA info

    anyway I live in the midwest. anyone else know good quality cheaper buys ?

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    I just heard about Whole Foods supplying BPA-free canned salmon for less than $3/14oz can. Maybe you can try that, since it's cheaper than even the tuna you're getting (about .5-1g n3's per 2oz I would think)

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    If you have a Trader Joe's, they do canned salmon that's decently priced. See if you can get mackerel at the markets. It's frozen on the boat so very fresh, and right about as good as wild salmon on the omega 3s.

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    I love, love, love Wild Planet's Albacore tuna! I eat an entire can (5 oz) at a serving along with a BAS.

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