I suppose I should start a journal.

I'm 46, 5'3", about 160lbs at the start. I do a lot of hiking. I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in two large segments two summers in a row, totaling 3000 miles due to overlapping portions of the trail. While on that hike, I ate mostly cookies, crackers, candy and pasta. I lost weight each time and gained it all back after the hike despite my best efforts not to. On the second hike I was already gaining it back before I finished! I believe I developed a hair-trigger insulin response and basically destroyed my metabolism.

It took me 6 weeks to adjust to this diet. I am doing a low carb version of this diet, trying to keep my carbs low but not measuring anything. If I eat any carbs they are in vegetables or sometimes sweet potatoes. I usually eat twice a day.

I didn't lose any weight that I could tell for the first 6 weeks. In week 4 and 5 I suffered terrible electrolyte problems. I thought I might die. I was so weak I could hardly hold up my arms. My forearm muscles hurt and I'd get cramps in my legs in my sleep and sometimes in my feet if I turned them the wrong way. I started taking magnesium and potassium supplements but it wasn't until I started eating packets of salt off my hand that I started feeling better.

Because I wasn't losing any weight, I started taking potassium iodide in hopes of supporting my thyroid. I always test low normal on basic thyroid tests but I don't have the symptoms of low thyroid. I probably have trouble losing weight because of my age, being close to menopause and having had a hysterectomy. They left my ovaries but I think the uterus creates hormones. I feel like I have fewer than I used to.

I've gone through a phase lately of having trouble maintaining my body temperature, one moment freezing cold the next broiling hot. Waking up in the middle of the night burning up or spending the day at work with a jacket over my lap. It's getting better.

Last week I accidentally didn't eat dinner one day. I went from breakfast on Wednesday to breakfast on Thursday without eating. I felt fine. The following day I went from dinner on Thursday until dinner on Friday. I basically missed 2 of my 14 meals for the week. After that, I noticed some weight loss! Hooray!

Barely perceptible, but yes, I've lost some weight!