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    I'm flying overseas next month for a two week vacation. With 24+ hours of travel time each way, I need some ideas for food to take along. I know I'll get (or make) some good quality jerky. I could maybe do some nuts or a Larabar, although I tend to avoid nuts, and a Larabar is more of a dessert than something really satisfying. But I'd like a few more options

    Do any traveler's out there have some brilliant ideas for me? Only one leg (of five) offers gluten-free meals, which I'm sure will have all sorts of other mystery ingredients, so I'm not even really counting that as a meal.
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    hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, cheese sticks and a couple pieces of fruit, supplemented with the veggies served at the big group meals (ended up being mostly chinese food, pre-made burritos or pizza) got me through a three-day weekend including 14 hours of bus travel.

    Bring a big EMPTY water bottle that you can fill up at the water fountain once you get through security.

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    Good time to do a little fasting.

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    When i have to spend the day travelling, i bring cans of sardines. If possible, i bring a salad (if not, i buy one and season it with oil and vinegar or lemon, no packaged dressings) and eat it with the sardines. I also bring carrot sticks and sliced peppers,and usually apples or bananas (though bananas don't travel well so you have to be super careful about packing them.) If no salad is possible, i order a side of plain white rice from one of those airport food stalls and eat sardines with that and some olive oil that I bring in a 1 oz glass bottle, so it will clear security. I've also brought half a pound of the best quality roast beef or turkey breast cold cuts I could find, which is the only time I eat cold cuts now.

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    I like spinach tofu wraps. I also make sure to bring fruits like apples and pears. Also, plain yogurts from the grocery.

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